Our Philosophy

There is no need to ever reinvent the wheel, if there is an easier, more cost effective way to do something. Do it.

Your clients will thank you for all the time and money you saved them.

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Our Mision

To give our clients the knowledge, support and training they need to realise the full potential of their website.

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Our Skills


[bra_graph Title=”WordPress” Percent=”95″]

[bra_graph Title=”PHP” Percent=”90″]

[bra_graph Title=”HTML5″ Percent=”85″]

[bra_graph Title=”Web Design” Percent=”70″]

[bra_graph Title=”Problem solving” Percent=”100″]



Meet the team

[bra_team_member member_name=”Michael McCrea” member_position=”Web Developer” member_img_src=”” member_social_list=”Email, mailto:teresa@purposemakers.net, Twitter, http://twitter.com/purposemakers, Facebook,http://www.facebook.com/michael.mccrea.52″ member_columns=”3″]Designer, developer and dreamer. [/bra_team_member]

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